This page will provide you with all the absolute best resources to help you on your journey. Whether you are trying to remove anxiety and depression from your life or wanting to change or create something new or better, this is where I provide my guidance and recommendations on the best psychology and self-help material.

I have been studying psychology and self-help material since I was 18 years old. That is just over 22 years of experience and knowledge about what material is out there and what I believe have been some of the most helpful articles, books, audios and websites that have really helped me in my journey.

More recently, since seeing Dr. Wayne Dyer give a talk in August 2015 in Brisbane, Australia, a mere two weeks before he passed away, I have re-immersed myself in his work as well as returning to other, more spirituality based self-help material which I have previously studied at various times in my life. Here you will also find my recommendations and reviews of this form of help. I can tell you one thing, as I mention in my book Change your Life! Hope and Healing for Anxiety and Depression, the only way to truly remove anxiety and/or depression from your life is to use all of the four major elements, namely: Mental (changing your thinking, through tools such as counselling or cognitive behavioural therapy), Physical (a commitment to ongoing and regular cardiovascular exercise, a programme of positive nutrition and supplements), Emotional (becoming aware of your emotions and how to manage them) and Spiritual (gaining a greater awareness, appreciation and engaging with higher consciousness and Source Energy).

Highly Recommended Self-Help Books

The Power of Intention by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer 1600x1200bb

In this seminal work on the power that we have through our thoughts to live life at a higher level of conscious and manifest what we want, Dr. Dyer explains what he calls the 7 faces of intention. He admitted in a talk with Esther Hicks, that at the time he wrote the book he was very much into the teaching of Abraham and this book does reflect his own deep understanding of how to attract everything from health to wealth into your life.

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Feeling Good: A New Mood Therapy by Dr. David Burns

I stumbled upon Dr. Burns’ book during early in my studies in psychology. I remember looking for resources on cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and finding his book in the university library. This book had a profound and lasting effect on my life and led me to become very interested in how we can identify negative and faulty thinking which can cause so much emotional mayhem in our lives and learn to transform those thoughts into more objective, rational, positive and self-affirming thinking. I have used and adapted my own version of the CBT tools over the years and still use CBT with my clients as well as with my own thinking. If done correctly, it never fails to deliver.

The Food Mood Solution by Jack Challem 1800x1182bb

An excellent book describing the role of various vitamins, minerals and supplements and the connection between certain foods and our emotional states.

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Highly Recommended Websites

Anti-Depressant Information 

Mad in America – Robert Whitaker’s amazing site dedicated to raising awareness about mental health issues and in particular – the drawbacks of psychiatric medication use in adults and young children.

Surviving – A great peer support website for anyone struggling with coming off or being on psychiatric medications.

The Road Back Programme – James Harper’s website explaining his approach to reducing/tapering off anti-depressant medications using a slow taper as well as custom made supplements that he has created.

The Icarus Project’s Harm Reduction Guide to Coming Off Anti-Depressants – This guide brings together information learned at The Icarus Project and Freedom Center. It is not intended to persuade anyone to stop taking psychiatric medications, but instead aims to educate people about their options if they decide to explore going off. In a culture polarized between the pro-medication propaganda of pharmaceutical companies on the one hand, and the anti-medication agenda of some activists on the other, we offer a harm reduction approach to help people make their own decisions. We also present ideas and information for people who decide to stay on or reduce their medications. Many people do find psychiatric drugs helpful and choose to continue taking them: even with the risks, this may be a better option given someone’s situation and circumstances. At the same time, psychiatric drugs carry great dangers and can sometimes do terrible harm, even becoming bigger problems than the conditions they were prescribed to treat. Too often, people who need help getting off psychiatric drugs are left without guidance, and medication decisions can feel like finding your way through a labyrinth.

For Depression

Beyond Blue  – Australia’s Premier Not-For-Profit Organisation focused on providing information and support to those suffering with anxiety and depression as well as providing a forum for raising awareness and removing the stigma that is unfortunately still attached to mental health issues.

The Institute for Clinical Interventions – Depression – A fantastic contribution from a specialist state-wide program that is administered through North Metropolitan Health Services in Western Australia. They conduct clinically applied psycho-social research and provide training and supervision for various psychological interventions.

The Australian Psychological Society  (APS)

The American Psychological Association (APA)

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