Couples Counselling

David Fox is a registered psychologist with a masters degree in psychology and over nineteen years experience in psychological counselling for individuals, employees and couples.

David has a passion for supporting couples through difficult times and has worked in the employee assistance sector as well as in private practice where he has gained significant experience in working with the many varied issues that arise during the course of a marriage or significant relationship.

Typical issues might be improving communication, parenting, sexual difficulties, anger management, building greater awareness of each person’s needs, values and desires as well as understanding what works and what doesn’t in a healthy marriage or relationship.

He has supported many couples through the very difficult experience of infidelity and the process of separation and/or divorce. David has a strong record of successfully supporting individuals in their decision making and transition process.

In addition to couples work, David also has a very strong skill set and understanding of anxiety and depression and helping individuals through these incredibly difficult experiences.

David currently practices couples and relationship counselling at The Relationship Room in Balmain, Sydney.

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