About David Fox

David Fox is a Sydney-based author, speaker and registered psychologist with a masters degree in psychology. In addition, David holds a black belt in the martial art of Tae Kwon Do.

He believes that overcoming issues like anxiety and depression are best tackled on multiple fronts. These include: undertaking high levels of cardiovascular exercise; working to challenge and release your negative thoughts and beliefs; changing your diet and talking to someone who can provide the right kind of empathy and support while you figure things out.

David’s goal is to teach people individually and within organisations how to help themselves thrive.

David is a strong advocate and supporter of people who would like to eventually reduce or potentially stop taking anti-depressant drugs if they are struggling with negative side effects or long term impacts of these drugs and who may be looking for alternative routes to a better quality of life.

This is not for everyone, and yes some people may need to remain on some amount of medication – especially those with bi-polar disorder or schizophrenia.

However, for those whose issues began as anxiety or depression, there may certainly be another way to healing other than drugs.

David has worked in the field of human resources in South Africa, the United Kingdom and Sydney, Australia. In addition, has has spent over seven years working as an employee assistance counsellor and corporate psychologist.

David runs training events around mental health in the workplace for organisations looking to improve the mental wellbeing of their employees.

He understands the difficulties that can sometimes occur when employees are struggling with mental well being issues. He is a strong advocate for providing preventative solutions to the workforce to assist them in learning the tools of resiliency and how to handle and remove stress, anxiety and depression from their lives. And there is no doubt that more and more research shows there is a very real dollar return to organisations who actively support the mental and physical well being of their people.

David is the author of the book Change your Life! Hope and Healing for Anxiety and Depression which is available on iBooks, Amazon and Book Depository.


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