Begin it.

“Are you earnest? Then seize this very minute –

Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.

Only engage, and the mind grows heated –

Begin it, and then the work will be completed!”

– Johann Wolfgang Van Goethe

There is so much that is magical in these few lines from one of the most prolific writers and creators who ever lived.

He asks: Are you in earnest…meaning are you serious about what it is that you desire and wish to create? Not always an easy question to answer and be honest with ourselves about – usually because of our fear of failure.

But, as Goethe says, if you are serious then begin by seizing “this very minute”. I don’t read that as him telling us to seize and be productive with every little minute of the day because we also need to relax and not push but he then explains it further by saying there is “genius, power and magic” when we just have the courage to start. Anywhere…with one word…one sentence…one outline…one stroke of the brush.

“Only engage and the mind grows heated” means that when you decide to begin and you start creating – whatever it is – haven’t you found that the words begin to flow? The images appear in your mind for the drawing? One intentional thought of creativity leading to another?

This is how I wrote my book in seven months. By sitting down to write. I can tell you sometimes I didn’t know what I was going to write until I was writing! It seems to work this way.

There truly is magic in just making a start…because without a start, there cannot be a completion!

So, my friends, whatever it is that you have in your heart to do, begin. One word, one outline, one brave phone call, leads to the magic of manifestation. Im cheering you on to go for your dreams in 2019! 🌟

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David Fox is an author, speaker and registered psychologist with a masters degree in psychology. He believes that overcoming issues like anxiety and depression are best tackled on multiple fronts such as exercise, supplements, working with your thoughts and beliefs, watching your diet and talking to someone who can provide empathy and support while you figure things out. His goal is teach people individually and within organisations in how to help themselves thrive. In addition, David supports patients who would like to eventually reduce or potentially stop taking anti-depressant medication if they are finding major negative side effects from remaining on the medications and looking for alternative routes to a better quality of life. This is not for everyone, and yes some people may need to remain on some amount of medication – especially those with bi-polar disorder or schizophrenia. However, for those whose issues began as anxiety and/or depression, there may certainly be another way to healing other than medication. David is the author of the book Change your Life! Hope and Healing for Anxiety and Depression.

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