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In the beginning there was the question… how do I change my mind? How do I change my life and how I feel about it? Why do I feel anxious all the time? Why do I feel depressed? Will it ever change?

The pursuit of the answers to these questions have made up my life’s journey for the past 15 years or so. Through that time I have experienced generalised anxiety, depression, getting married, immigrating (twice), undergoing a shocking operation on my jaw which has left me with permanent nerve damage in my face (not that you can see or notice it but I live with it every day of my life), having two wonderful little boys, struggling to find the right job, facing having a new born with no means of income, getting separated, becoming a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, becoming a registered psychologist and using my knowledge and experience to help others who are depressed and/or anxious, starting and successfullly running a new consulting business, and most recently publishing a self help book.

Yes it has been a busy 15 years or so! But i promise you there were times when I couldnt see the wood for the trees. When i woke up in the morning and felt like I couldnt get out of bed or didnt want to at least! However, what I have done over the past 15 years and through all the experiences I have listed above is develop my own personal set of tools and techniques to help myself and others achieve mastery over emotions and the day to day hiccups that life can sometimes throw at us.

Too many times I have come across people who seem to be their own worst enemy. Who will continually throw roadblocks in front of themselves and limit themselves through faulty and negative thinking. I am here to tell you that it just doesn’t have to be that way for you! You CAN change your thinking, your limiting beliefs and what you think is possible for you and your life. Everything that you see around you right now exists in your world partly due to a conscious or subconscious decision YOU have made to have it there. Think about it…

I would not be living in Sydney, Australia – writing this blog to you right now – if it hadnt first been a decision on my part to leave South Africa and find a new life, firstly in the UK and now in Australia. I would not be writing this to you right now as a registered psychologist if I hadn’t first had the dream and the burning desire to become a psychologist one day and to help others who suffer from anxiety and depression (which I have had to overcome myself).

So my mission in life over the past 15 years and possibly longer has been to understand some of the most enduring ideas, methods and tools that we have available to us (that do not require a cost by the way!) to change not only how we feel about our lives and what things mean to us, but to change the actual course and direction of our lives. I know from my counselling clients and from just generally talking to people from all walks of life, that we can sometimes feel like we are not in control of our own lives. But that is a mental trap. And you have set that trap yourself and so naturally you are the one who can get out of that trap with a little help and direction.

My aim in creating this blog is to provide support, ideas and tools for those of you out there who feel like you need some help in changing how you think and feel about your life. If you feel a little depressed when you wake up in the morning, a little anxious at the thought of all the things you need to get done or even at just the thought of some of the simple life tasks you need to do, if you feel like you are not achieving your potential or that your life is not what you wanted it to be or had pictured all those years ago – then I hope that you will find some idea, some inspiration or some support through my blog that will get you there.

I am happy to respond to queries about my ideas and the tools and techniques I will discuss here. I have also recently published a book on these ideas. For more information you can click here.

I am offering 5 free copies of my book to the first 5 readers who email me their details and why they want or need the ideas in my book.

You can email me at

I look forward to hearing from you.

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David Fox is an author, speaker and registered psychologist with a masters degree in psychology. He believes that overcoming issues like anxiety and depression are best tackled on multiple fronts such as exercise, supplements, working with your thoughts and beliefs, watching your diet and talking to someone who can provide empathy and support while you figure things out. His goal is teach people individually and within organisations in how to help themselves thrive. In addition, David supports patients who would like to eventually reduce or potentially stop taking anti-depressant medication if they are finding major negative side effects from remaining on the medications and looking for alternative routes to a better quality of life. This is not for everyone, and yes some people may need to remain on some amount of medication – especially those with bi-polar disorder or schizophrenia. However, for those whose issues began as anxiety and/or depression, there may certainly be another way to healing other than medication. David is the author of the book Change your Life! Hope and Healing for Anxiety and Depression.

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  1. Hey dave just wanted to tell you how proud I am of you for doing what you have done. It was always a dream of yours to publish your own book and you have achieved it. Good on you mate!!!
    Wish you the best success in your endeavour though you basically beyond the half way mark, the hard work was done now the rest will flow.
    Good luck bro

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