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Our mission is to help you manage or completely rid yourself of anxiety and depression.

There are far too many adults and more and more teenagers struggling with these two beasts and it’s time we start to tame them.

Beyond that, this website and my articles and blogs are designed to help relieve the struggle that afflicts approximately 300 million people worldwide. (World Health Organisation).

We specialise in these two areas of anxiety and depression and also provide a wealth of knowledge and experience around the benefits (very few) and pitfalls of starting, continuing and trying to stop antidepressant drugs.

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3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Well David, I started with googling Venlaflaxine, where I progressed to reading about you. I’m a mother, and have a son taking this drug. I have observed certain changes in his mentality that I thought were odd. After reading your story, I had confirmation of my observations and concerns.

    Your incredible suffering to get to your ‘healthy’ condition now has been an amazing journey, and maybe I might be able to help my son. There’s nothing like a story like yours, a highly qualified person who has actually been through that ‘long dark tunnel’ and come out with logical, well founded answers!! Fantastic!!

    I’m a ‘convert’ since the 1970’s to natural healing and the gift of spirituality, partly induced by my parents, and more strongly so through finding my Faith, where I’ve received so much guidance. (You live in Sydney? Have you visited the Bahá’í temple at Mona Vale/Ingleside?)

    I’ve passed your website to another friend whose son is taking 350mgs of Venlafaxine per day, for OCD. I saw that a person should have 220mgs at maximum!! He has deteriorated badly over the last few years. My friend is also looking into your website, as of today.

    I’m thankful to you, for your suffering and your journey towards healing. Such a God given gift, for you and others. Thank you.

    Warmest greetings and prayers to you, and your children, who will be all the richer for the loving, compassionate and insightful parenting you’ll be giving to them.

    Biancha Esson

    1. Thank you Bianca. It’s been a really terrible struggle. I am not out of the woods as they say. I recently found out I have been struggling with Glandular Fever and this has led to me not exercising as much and this has had an impact on my mental health again. Hopefully I can turn it around again. I appreciate your kind words. It’s such a difficult issue for so many people.

    2. Hi Bianca, thank you for taking the time to write a comment and to share your story. I really appreciate your kind words and I havent been to the Temple but sounds like a great idea! Thanks again. David

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