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We hope you enjoy the information, resources and inspiration that we aim to provide for you in the most entertaining and educating way.

Our mission is to help you manage or completely rid yourself of anxiety and depression.

There are far too many adults and more and more teenagers struggling with these two beasts and it’s time we start to tame them.

Beyond that, this website and my articles and blogs are designed to help relieve the struggle that afflicts approximately 300 million people worldwide. (World Health Organisation).

We specialise in these two areas of anxiety and depression and also provide a wealth of knowledge and experience around the benefits (very few) and pitfalls of starting, continuing and trying to stop antidepressant drugs.

If you would like some inspiration to help you stay motivated, lift yourself out of anxiety or depression or build a happier life for yourself then head over to David’s blog.

If you are from a workplace and you are interested in Black Belt Mind training for your managers or employees – head over to the Black Belt Mind – Training Page.

If you are looking for additional resources such as suggestions on the best self-help books around on psychology, spirituality, achievement and success as well as links to our valued and vetted partner websites then head over to the Resources page.

We look forward to helping you turn things around if that is what you are looking for and to reach for and achieve the ultimate reason that you are here on earth…your life’s purpose!




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